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Acest serviciu nu este disponibil, contactează-ne pentru mai multe informații.

Disponibil online

Online Inside Flow

Music is the language of the heart. It helps us to convey feelings through motion in Inside Flow.”

  • 20 de lei românești
  • Online Zoom

Descrierea serviciului

In Inside Flow, you are singing a song with your body. Some people relax with punk rock and some with classical music. Your choice of music defines you and your practice. Inside Flow has different sequences with slow, fast, upbeat, relaxing songs starting from Hip Hop to pop music. It is an evolution of Vinyasa Yoga!

Sesiunile viitoare

Politică de anulare

Va rugam sa anulati sau sa va reprogramati cu cel putin 4 ore inainte. Multumim! To cancel or reschedule please do it in the frame time of minimum 4 hours.

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